Deal Sourcing – Our team casts a broad net over thousands of executives and professionals in nearly every industry.

Due Diligence and Deal Closings – Anyone can kill a deal. The real value is in finding a way to get a deal done. Our team has completed mergers and acquisitions valued at more than $30 billion.

First 100 Days – The most critical time, whether it’s a turnaround, repositioning, or a growth strategy is the first 100 days. The right start determines the outcome.

Turnaround – Success depends on a proper diagnosis followed by an effective treatment. Our team understands how to achieve both.

Growth/Execution – The most certain way to create value is to grow the bottom line. Our team has a proven track record in delivering bottom-line growth.

Exit – If your goal is an exit, you will need a well-planned and executed strategy. Our team can bring value to this process throughout the investment cycle.

Startups – From boots on the ground to advisory roles, you need utility players with discipline. Our team includes some of the best utility players in the game with the discipline to win.