With proprietary deals harder to come by, expanding your circle of advisors and influencers, combined with a sharp point of view on the types of deals that will be the best fit, is the best route to sourcing opportunities.

We can play a very significant role in sourcing deal flow through expanding your network of advisers, industry experts, lawyers, bankers, potential partners or targets, potential buyers, intermediaries, ex-CEOs, academics, leaders of trade organizations, and existing or past portfolio management teams.

As advisers, we can address several needs. We can improve the quality of deal flow as we filter opportunities, facilitate introductions to management teams, or contribute to the underlying analysis of an investment theme. For every 100 potential targets that go into the funnel, only one or two result in a closed deal. We help ensure that the top of the funnel is not too wide, wasting resources on lower-quality opportunities, or too narrow, causing you to miss potentially good opportunities.

Sourcing and qualifying deals is time consuming and can take a toll on your management team and company performance, potentially putting attractive deals at risk. Our experienced team can provide much needed surge labor during this process to work on deals and/or backfill for management members essential to the deal process.

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